"You are the light of the world, a city on a hill cannot be hidden."
Matthew 5:14

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Season of Friendship

The past month or so, I have been ever so grateful to spend time with some of my favorite girls. Unexpected visits and impromptu girls' weekends have been such a warm welcome to spring! I so treasure the friendships I have with my people. I wouldn't be where I am today without each one of them.

My baby Becca turned 22-Oh where does the time go?? Sisters always make the best friends. Even though I sometimes tend to mother her, considering she is still the baby. 
I mean is there anything sweeter than your best friend having such a precious little girl? The Wood family made a visit to North Mississippi, and I, for one, was so glad they did! We were able to spend the afternoon together and have a much needed life-chat (aka photo session.) My heart is always so full after time well spent with Jordan. We have a long list of reasons why we should be able to live in the same town. Never ending. It's a treasure to have a dear friend. 

My favorite twin! We felt our outfits coordinated this snowy March morning. We had a fun time celebrating the upcoming birth of our friend's <Claire's> baby girl. I think the Crenshaws need to make a move up I55:) 

Last weekend, we planned to do a fun girl's night at the Alluvian in Greenwood. Our college friend, Hillary, was getting married and it was the perfect time for a reunion. It was such a sweet day catching up with old friends, being pampered at the spa, and dancing the night away like we were still at a college formal. What a fun group to spend time with! 

I was even able to spend time with my long-lost college bestie, Melissa. One of my favorite people in the world! I forgot how much fun we always have together:) Oh, how I love Greenwood and her people. 

This past month I have been reminded just how blessed I am to share such friendships. I am also reminded that Julie and I never take pictures together. I mean we only talk every day or so. But not one picture to share on this post! We need to work on that JULES. 

"The business of life is the acquisition of memories. In the end, that is all there is" 
-Mr. Carson, Downton

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Silver White Winters

Time has seemed to slow these last few weeks of winter! I have enjoyed my time at home due to many snow days off school (which I'm sure I will be paying for at some point this semester.) Nonetheless, we have had an eventful and quite fun of a month. A look through February courtesy of my iPhone: 

I made Bread Pudding-twice. Eeek!! So good, but so unhealthy. Originally, I had planned to take half to the Jeffreys but we didn't quite have enough left after we had our part. It is such a great comfort food during these cold, winter months. 

We had just a few warm afternoons that Annie and I took advantage of. I really would like to walk, and I mean WALK the downtown dash in Senatobia this upcoming May. We will see. Annie and I do like to stroll around the neighborhood and play near the pond and park area. 

Welcome Whit! At the beginning of February, we celebrated with our best friends-Julie and Andrew welcoming their sweet baby boy! Another benefit of being off during snow days (and living near your best bud) was getting to hang out with him and his momma! 

We went to the Lion King at the Orpheum, so much fun! 

My February book that I finished long before February was over. Every single word, so amazing. 
"A satisfied soul loathes the honeycomb, but to a hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet." 
Proverbs 27:7 

My Valentine sent me lovely flowers to school, so romantic!

We celebrated Valentine's Day in one of our favorite places, Oxford. We strolled around the square and had coffee at square books then a delicious dinner at Boure. After dinner, we cheered on the rebels in their game against Arkansas-but sadly they lost (only by one point!) 

Ah, and the snow/ice/sleet begins! This was round 1

Annie HATES snow/water, but she loves to cozy up in the warm house. 

Real Snow, Round 2 

A neighborhood street view 

Outside my door this morning 

Silver white winters that melt into spring-Let's hope! 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Happy Birthday Meme!

Today, We celebrated our grandmother, Meme, with a birthday brunch at my home. It was such a beautiful day, and we had a lovely time! 

The "cooks" table in the kitchen. I love using my Mackenzie Childs, one of my most favorite tabletop designs!

Meme's "78th" Birthday cake made by Sharon Hudson! 

Dining Room Table 

Menu- BLT Salad with Remoulade dressing (MS Magazine Feb. issue) Poppy seed chicken, hash brown casserole, green beans (the best are made by my MIL), and Italian Creme Cake. 
The Birthday Girl's place setting! 

Someone got lots of happies! 

This was the point in the party that Becca starting taking candids, obviously! 

I loved having these ladies in my home today! 

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You! 

Meme gets her very own "barefoot" sweater, so stylish!!! 

Tickled Pink! 

This is Meme with her sister-in-laws, Aunt Brenda and Aunt Ann 

Meme and her buddies! 

I was so thankful for my mother and mother-in-law who helped me cook for the big day! I couldn't have done it without them-And to baby becca who helped me set up and can iron a mean tablecloth! (good to know for future reference, hehe Bec) 

We are thrilled to be able to celebrate Meme and another wonderful birthday! 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

In January

What a lovely start to a new year! We welcomed 2015 in Atlanta while trying to cheer on the rebels to a bowl victory-which did not turn out so well in our favor. We did, however, enjoy our time there and finishing out another great football season. After returning home, we settled back into the routine of school, home chores, and everyday fun. Normally, I am not a winter "cold weather" person and therefore tend to dread this time of year. This January has been quite the opposite (despite the 8 degree mornings) and we have thoroughly enjoyed our month thus far!

Peach bowl-before the awful disaster of a game. We still love our Rebels and hope for a better 2015 start! 

New Years Eve Dinner in Atlanta 

WELCOME BACK, DOWNTON! One of my most anticipated shows returned the first sunday in January and I was THRILLED! An exciting occasion such as this deserved fresh tulips. (BTW- Kroger Hernando marks down their fresh flowers on Friday which also happens to be my grocery day-It's lovely) 

This has been a typical occurrence so far this month: A glass of merlot, journal, bible study, and currently reading book: The Best Yes, which I highly recommend. This is also accompanied by The Bachelor on Monday evenings. 

Ginny and Brandon came in to town! We LOVE when our favorite friend comes home for a visit, so we decided to have dinner at the Steakhouse. 

A little pre-birthday party prep has begun. Next saturday I am hosting my grandmother's 78th birthday party. Some family and her closest friends will be coming to my house for lunch-more to come! 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tis the Season 2014!

...So I will always remember our first Christmas in our new home! 

Our Christmas/New Address cards designed by my talented, best friend, Jordan! 

Merry Christmas from Hernando!